Home of the famous caramel cake.

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About Angelica's Bakery

Angelica’s Bakery was founded because a young girl recognized that the cakes, pies and puddings that her mom made really were the “BEST”. She knew with every bite she took that anything that tasted so good had to be shared with friends, family, neighbors and the entire world. Stepping out on faith and with love for family and tradition, Angelicas Bakery opened its first location in the suburbs of Chicago nearly 25 years ago. Today the original recipes of cakes, cobblers and puddings are made the same as they were many generations ago. Friends and family all around the world are now able to enjoy the delicious treats and good feelings that each Angelicas dessert brings.

Angelicas bakery is committed to freshness and flavor and making sure that every Angelica experience is frosted with love to keep you wanting just one more bite. Angelica’s is a family owned bakery where values are strong and commitment to the community is important. Angelica’s supports the community through sponsorships of local teams and community events